Chauvet Intimidator Barrel LED 300

Chauvet Intimidator Barrel LED 300
Brand: Chauvet
Product Code: Intimbarrel300
Price: $599.99
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Chauvet Intimidator Barrel LED 300

Intimidator Barrel LED 300

Bright and compact LED powered barrel scanner with tons of features to enhance any show. Intimidator Barrel LED 300 includes seven interchangeable, rotating gobos and eight separate, saturated colors for increased design flexibility and effects. Motorized focus allows for crisp gobos when projected from almost any distance.


    Bright and compact LED barrel with tons of features to enhance any show
    Interchangeable, rotating gobos plus separate, saturated colors allow extra flexibility and effects
    Built-in movement macros and move-in-black features minimize programming time
    Motorized focus allows the gobos to be crisp when projected at almost any distance
    Electronic dimming and strobe features deliver silent operation with no moving parts
    Crisp, 3-sided prism duplicates the beam for great effects and to cover a larger area
    Individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, prism and focus allows the show to continue no matter what happens
    High-frequency LED dimming allows for flicker-free video operation
    Power linking saves time running cables and extension cords (US version only)
    Awesome sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music
    Easy-access to built-in automated programs generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode


    DMX channels: 8 or 11
    DMX connectors: 3-pin
    Pan & tilt: 180° / 360°
    Colors: 8 + white, split colors, continuous scroll at variable speeds
    Gobos: 7 + open, rotating, slot-n-lock, continuous scroll at variable speeds
    Gobo size: 23.8 mm outside, 20.9 mm image, 2 mm max thickness  
    Light source: 1 white 60 W (15 A) LED 50,000 hrs
    Strobe rate: 0 - 20 Hz
    Illuminance: 1,736 lux @ 2 m
    Power linking: 3 units @ 120 V / 7 units @ 230 V
    Input voltage: Switchable 120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Power and current: 240 W, 2 A @ 120 V 60 Hz
    Power and current: 240 W, 1 A @ 230 V 50 Hz
    Weight: 14.2 lbs (6.4 kg)
    Size: 20.5 x 10 x 6.7 in (521 x 255 x 171 mm)
    Approvals: CE, MET