Chauvet MVP12, SMD LED Video Wall Panel 6-Pack in Road Case

Chauvet MVP12, SMD LED Video Wall Panel 6-Pack in Road Case
Brand: Chauvet
Product Code: MVP12X6
Price: $20,499.99
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Chauvet MVP12, SMD LED Video Wall Panel 6-Pack in Road Case

Includes (6) MVP 12 Panels in road case.

The MVP12 is a lightweight, tri-color SMD LED modular video panel ideal for high-resolution graphics and live action video.

At 12.5mm, it offers the smallest pixel pitch in the MVP Series and 13.4% transparency which allows lighting and elements to pass through while maintaining high resolution and clarity, even at short ranges.

Every panel in the MVP Series is easily interlocked to allow for creative, mixed-resolution displays.


    Lightweight and modular system for medium-resolution graphics
    Easy installation and connectivity using Neutrik powerCON and eatherCON connectors
    Perfect product for long term installation
    Interchangeable with the MVP 18 and MVP 37.5 panels to create large wall designs
    Tri-color SMD LEDs provide better image quality and wider viewing angle
    Designed for temporary installation outdoors and can be viewed during daylight operation


Pixel pitch: 12.5 mm
Pixels / screen: 48 x 48 (2,304 total)
Light source: Tri-color SMD LED
Display refresh rate: 2,000 Hz (flicker-free)
Video refresh rate: 60 Hz
IP rating: IP54
Pixel density: 6,400 / m2
Viewing angle: 140°
Luminance: 3,500 NIT
Mounting design: Modular (horizontal and vertical)
Housing material: Aluminum alloy (lightweight)
Transparency: 13%
Color temperature: 6,500~9,500 K
Color wavelengths:
Red: 622~627 nm
Green: 520~525 nm
Blue: 465~470 nm
Power and current:
120 V, 60 Hz - 127 W; 1.1 A operating
208 V, 60 Hz - 139 W; 0.68 A operating
230 V, 50 Hz - 144 W; 0.63 A operating
Power linking: 7 units @ 120 V; 11 units @ 208 V; 12 units @ 230 V
Input voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight: 19.9 lbs (9 kg)
Size: 23.6 x 23.6 x 2.4 in (600 x 600 x 60 mm)