Crown CM-311A Mic Headset

Crown CM-311A Mic Headset
Brand: Crown
Product Code: cm311a
Price: $349.00
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Crown CM-311A Mic Headset

The CM-311 offers the best of both worlds: Differoid® performance in a comfortable headworn microphone. Designed for touring and live-sound applications it sounds like the best handheld microphones-full, clear, and distortion-free, even with the loudest singers.

Differoid® stands for differential cardioid it is a noisecancelling mic, which cancels sounds beyond a few inches away - such as floor monitors, instruments on stage, and crowd noise. Controlled field tests showed that the Differoid® provides up to 12 dB more gain before feedback than conventional cardioid microphones. This results in the CM-311 having outstanding gain-before-feedback and isolation. Many users of the Differoid® say that their house mix is better because the mics isolation is nearly complete.

Lightweight and comfortable, the mics headband and boom adjust to fit any singer.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Defferoid® noise cancelling technologie
  • Outstanding gain-before-feedback and isolation