LED Moving Heads

LED Moving Heads
LED Moving Heads
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American DJ Inno Color Beam 12
The Inno Color Beam 12 is a compact, high performance 36-Watt LED Moving Head fixture that o..
American DJ Inno Color Beam LED
Inno Color Beam LED The Inno Color Beam LED is a high performance 108-Watt LED Moving Head f..
American DJ Pinspot LED RC
Product: Pinspot LED RC - Rechargeable battery powered, bright 3W white LED Pinspot with 12-degree..
American DJ X-Move LED 25R Small Moving Head
The X-Move LED 25R is American DJ's latest upgrade to the old X-Move LED Plus R. The new model ..
Chauvet Intimidator Beam LED 350 Moving Head
The Intimidator Beam LED 350 projects a tight, 4-degree, super-bright beam. Complete with an 8-pos..
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150
Intimidator Spot LED 150 moving yoke produces super-crisp optics and an even output for amaz..
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 250
Intimidator Spot LED 250 Feature packed, 40-watt LED moving head spot features a three-..
Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350
Intimidator Spot LED 350 CHAUVET is proud to announce the latest addition to the Intimidator..
Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam Moving Head
Legend 230SR Beam is a compact beam fixture featuring the new Osram Sirius lamp source. This 230 W..
Chauvet Legend 412
Legend 412 is an innovative, high performance moving yoke wash with 12 cutting edge CREE qua..
Chauvet Legend 412VW
Legend 412 VW offers the same high performance as Legend 412, but incorporates the variant of war..
Chauvet Q-Spot 560-LED
Q-Spot 560-LED is the most powerful moving yoke spot in the Q-Series due to its 3 60-watt wh..
Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z-LED Moving Head
Q-Wash 560Z-LED is a lightweight, LED moving yoke with a variable zoom (six-32 degrees) idea..
Elation Color Tone 50
Color Tone 50 - Featuring 50W Philips Lexel Led Module - Homogenized output yielding even and supe..
Elation Design LED Par Zoom MH
Features  - Rugged Design Par  - 36 x 3 watt LEDs - 12 red, 12 blue, 12 green  -..