Omnisistem Rocket Laser - Green System

Omnisistem Rocket Laser - Green System
Brand: Omnisistem
Product Code: rocketsysgreen
Price: $899.00
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Omnisistem Rocket Laser - Green System

OMNISISTEM ROCKET LASER SYSTEM: Green 4-Head Laser With Bounce Mirrors

This killer system looks like a million bucks (but it's more affordable than many single beam lasers). You'll get manually adjustable 4-head laser performance that is augmented by using the included "bounce mirrors." By strategically placing the four bounce mirrors, you can send your laser beams in multiple directions.

Package Features:
One Rocket Laser fixture with four separate 4.95mW green laser diodes
Four OmniSistem bounce mirrors designed especially for lasers
Each diode creates a pencil-thin beam
Ideal for small clubs and mobile DJs
Operates DMX-512 (one channel), stand-alone, beat active and more
Each laser head can be adjusted manually