Rane MM 42 Monitor Processor

Rane MM 42 Monitor Processor
Brand: Rane
Product Code: mm42
Price: $799.00
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Rane MM 42 Monitor Processor

Features for the Artist

  • Process a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes.
  • Shelf/Cut Filters, 3-band Compressor, 5-band Parametric EQ, 3-band Peak Limiter.
  • 4 line-level Inputs assignable in any combination to either output processing chain.
  • Assignable Sub Output with bandpass filter.
  • 16 Memory locations for storing custom user presets.

Features for the Engineer

  • Built-in headphone amplifier with 1/4" and 3.5 mm jacks.
  • Cue Bus allows listening to mixes across multiple MM 42s without re-patching headphones. Cue selectable Pre- or Post-processing.
  • Line-level Cue Outputs for spare transmitter or return to console.
  • Direct Outputs allow distribution of common mixes to multiple devices, requiring fewer aux sends on console.
  • Neutrik® 1/4"-XLR combo jacks allow interfacing with a variety of console aux/group outputs.
  • Device control and firmware updates via MIDI.

Ranes MM 42 Monitor Processor fulfills the demanding needs of performers and engineers striving to optimize personal monitor systems while ensuring a safe, dynamic mix. Connected in-line between a mixing console and a wired or wireless monitor system, the MM 42 processes a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes using Shelf/Cut Filters, 3-band Compressor, 5-band Parametric EQ, and 3-band Peak Limiter. An assignable Sub (low frequency) output with adjustable bandpass filter is included for direct connection to powered subwoofers or bass shakers without requiring an external crossover. The on-board headphone amp and Cue Bus functionality permit easy setup and monitoring of multiple mixes.

Process a single stereo mix or two independent mono mixes using the MM 42s flexible input to output routing. Any combination of the MM 42s four line-level inputs is assignable to any output processing chain. The relative mix of inputs is easily adjusted using front panel level controls, making "more me” mixes a breeze.

Create a separate low-frequency mix for driving onstage subwoofers or tactile thumpers using the Sub Output with adjustable bandpass filter. Any input or combination of inputs is assignable to the Sub Output. External crossover not required

Connect multiple MM 42s together using the Cue Bus and avoid the hassle of having to constantly re-patch headphones when monitoring more than one mix. Any mix can be placed on the cue bus and monitored (soloed) simply by pressing the desired mixs CUE BUS button. Connect the dedicated Cue Outputs on the rear panel to a spare transmitter or hardwired beltpack and hear the mix exactly as the performer hears it.

Add low frequency thump and high frequency sparkle to a mix using the adjustable Low and High Shelf/Cut Filters.

Control the dynamics of a mix with precision using the 3-Band Compressor. Adjustable crossover frequencies allow you to easily tame excess low end, while keeping the vocals and guitars clear and present.

Use the 5-Band Parametric EQ to improve the overall sound of the mix. Uses range from simple, broad sweetening effects to precise boosts or cuts to account for a performers hearing loss or a particular earphones response.

Protect the performers hearing and keep output levels under control using the 3-Band Peak Limiter. The Limiters crossover frequencies are fully adjustable and independent of the Compressors crossover settings.

Monitor the mix pre- or post-processing using the on-board headphone amp. Both 1/4" phone and 3.5 mm mini jacks are offered on the front panel. In many cases the headphone amp can replace a hardwired beltpack for the less mobile musicians on stage - the drummer or keyboard player, for example.

Save precious Aux outputs on the mixing console by using the Direct Outputs to daisy chain (pass-through) a common mix or mixes across multiple MM 42s. Feed a bands stereo mix through to multiple MM 42s using the Direct Outs, then use the additional Inputs on each device to add solo instruments to the overall mix.

Recall memory presets and adjust parameters remotely via MIDI. MIDI Sys Ex is also used to backup system settings and for device firmware updates.