Stanton SC SYSTEM 3

Stanton SC SYSTEM 3
Brand: Stanton
Product Code: scsystem3
Price: $499.00
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Stanton SC SYSTEM 3

Stanton SC SYSTEM 3 Controller Package

SC SYSTEM 3 ... the most innovative, completely mobile MIDI control solution available.

Featuring two completely touch-sensitive control surfaces, the SCS.3d and the SCS.3m, this system brings you intuitive, completely customizable software control without sacrificing any of the features of your traditional DJ rig.

The SCS.3m ships with a new version of Native Instruments Traktor LE that is based on the latest TRAKTOR PRO software platform, allowing the SC SYSTEM 3 products to be used together to create a full DJ system with intuitive control over the robust software features introduced with Traktor LE. Using only the SCS.3m, SCS.3d, and Traktor LE, a complete DJ rig with performance control features that surpass the capabilities of traditional mixer/deck equipment can be setup anywhere in the world within minutes.

  • Unparalleled Plug and Play MIDI control rig
  • Built-in powered USB hub and magnetic connecting system
  • A scalable interface with unmatched portability
  • StanTouch offers easy scratching, scrubbing and navigating of digital audio
  • Control samples, pitch, effects, cue and loop points, and other mapable functions
  • Multiple finger touches can prompt quick kills on EQs or transform effects
  • Includes Traktor LE Software