Tray for Laptop Stand

Tray for Laptop Stand
Brand: American Audio
Product Code: laptoptray
Price: $35.99
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Tray for Laptop Stand

LS-001 Tray for LS-001 Stand

The LS-001 Tray is an additional storage shelf that complements the LS-001 Stand. It can be used to store an external hard drive, a Serato sound card interface, Final Scratch's interface, any other digital vinyl manipulation interfaces out in the market, and other musical devices as well.

It's Width is adjustable from 9-11.5" to match the width of the laptop stand. A velcro strap is included to strap devices down on the tray.

Product size:
Width:9-11.50" Height:1.75", Depth:7.25"

Laptop Stand, Mixer and Laptop for illustration purposes only. You are only purchasing the Tray.